Tuesday, March 26, 2013

BBQ Chicken Pineapple Pizza

I sent Luke to the store to buy the things I needed to make the zucchini and squash gratin. He did pretty well, except he brought home mozzarella cheese instead of parmesan. No big deal, I told him. We still had a day, and he drives by the commissary on his way home. So the day of the cookout, I asked him to stop by again and pick up parmesan. He came home with mozzarella again. I just looked at him and he said, "Why do I think they're the same thing?" Bless him. He went back, and as the adage goes, third time's the charm.

So I had everything for the zucchini squash gratin and 4 pounds of mozzarella cheese. On Saturday when we were elbow deep in unpacking the office and guest bathroom, we started craving pizza. I considered ordering until I remembered the mozzarella stock in our refrigerator. Luke loves barbecue chicken pizza, so in an act of love I made him something I hate. We had some tiny pieces of pineapple leftover from a delicious Dole pineapple that worked perfectly for pizza, and since the dough makes enough for 2 pizzas, I stuck with a normal mushroom pizza for myself.

3 cups flour
1 pack instant yeast
1/2 tbsp olive oil
1/4 tsp sea salt
1 1/3 cup warm water

BBQ sauce
shredded chicken, cooked
crushed pineapple
3-4 cups mozzarella cheese, depending on how much you like

I love making dough in the stand mixer because I get really tired of mixing it by hand. I mix all of the ingredients with the dough hook until the dough is loose, for about 8 minutes, sometimes less. Divide the dough in half and form it into two balls. Brush it with a little more olive oil and cover it with a damp kitchen towel for about 45 minutes to an hour. About 15 minutes into the rising time, I starting preheating the oven to 500 so it would be nice and hot when I was ready. With floured hands, form the dough into a flat circle on your pizza pan or stone. I used a little bit of nonstick spray. Top it, and cook for about 5-7 minutes.

Being as I would never eat this, I can't attest to how it was, but Luke really loved it.

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