Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hartwood Winery!

Yesterday, Luke and I had one of the most fun days we've had in a while! We just happened upon a local wine festival, and it was fantastic! The winery is kind of in the middle of nowhere between Stafford and Fredericksburg, and when we first got there, it looked like little house with a small grape crop on the front yard. We started with a barrel tasting, which was new for me. It was awesome to be able to compare the flavors between barrel and bottle. We tasted a chardonnay, station white, sauvignon blanc, rose, a cabernet sauvignon, and a couple of others. This afternoon date kind of confirmed that we are old people because we were certainly the youngest people there, and we spent the afternoon with a couple about my parents' age.The owners were really lovely too; they gave us the "one-day-only" military discount on the bottles we bought. If anyone living in the area is interesting in wine, they do regular tastings (no barrel) for only $3, and their wine is great. 

We ended our day at BWW in Fredericksburg for a local radio station's "Country Idol" competition. What an experience. I've never seen so much flannel or smelled so much cigarette smoke, and I'm from a lot further south than this. It was a really good time though. We appreciated that it was like pre-screened karaoke so no bleeding ears. 

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