Thursday, November 24, 2011

So Very Thankful

This year more than ever we have so many blessings to be thankful for. The Lord has blessed us with a home, good friends, a loving family, a job my husband loves, and the opportunity for education. Every day I wake up in this phenomenal country, I am thankful for all of the liberties we are afforded that are so easy to take for granted. It's amazing that we can achieve as high as we are willing to work, and I am thankful for a husband who is sworn to defend the Constitution that grants us these liberties.

Earlier this week, I was in such a sour mood that I kind of thought I had been wearing the RAB locket horcrux. I was upset and bitter about not being able to spend Thanksgiving with my family. My dad's  whole family (30+) get together in Pigeon Forge every year and eat, play dominoes, and pretty much laugh for the entire weekend, and to me, it is literally the happiest time of the year. I have been really bummed about having to miss it this year, but when I woke up today, I decided I was tired of being in a bad mood and that I wanted to make the most of this day that I am blessed to be able to spend with my husband. I realized that there's no guarantee that he'll be home for other Thanksgivings, so I tried my best to turn my attitude around, and we had a really great day! We slept late, watched the parade, ate cinnamon rolls, went for a run in the BEAUTIFUL 60 degree sunshine, watched football, and ate an amazing meal. I am very thankful for this day that I was blessed to spend with my husband, and I am also thankful that the rest of my family was able to spend the day together because I know how much it means to them too.

Also, Luke says he is most thankful for this:

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  1. I love your RAB Horcrux reference. I feel like I've been wearing one for a few days now, too, and that's the perfect way to describe it!