Saturday, August 11, 2012

Top 10 Reasons I Love the Rodeo

Since moving to Lawton, OK, we have been on the lookout for fun things to do. With tons of toll booths (that only take cash or exact change... really??) between us and all the big cities, we've tried to find things to do more locally, which has proved to be a challenge. After almost a month, our findings include movies on post ($3.50!!) and rodeos. My mom told me that several people she told about my visits to local rodeos were quite shocked that I would go to such a place, but the trust is that I am in fact capable of trading in my heels for cowboy boots from time to time. In the spirit of trying to love the place we've been planted, I have compiled a list of the reasons, in no particular order, why I truly love going to the rodeo, aside from the obvious tight jeans and boots.

  1. Teased hair is in style. All of my college friends know this is a big plus for me. 
  2. The announcer prays for the safety of the troops and for world peace before the events begin. This is a big plus in my book.
  3. The bigger the rhinestone cross on your boots/jeans/belt, the better. 
  4. Families go to the rodeo together, and I'm all about family-togetherness.
  5. There are many food-on-sticks options: BBQ chicken, fried chicken, and yes, even chocolate covered cheesecake.
  6. There is constant mention of Jesus, and we didn't even have to wait for Sunday!
  7. Beer is $2. No explanation needed.
  8. People actually sing the national anthem! Children even stand silently! Kudos to all these parents for their childrearing tactics. 
  9. There is politically incorrect humor, and people don't offended even if they don't agree with it. What a concept! 
  10. Finally, you can view and appreciate the artistic and individualistic creativity of many people in the form of tramp stamps. 
We have thoroughly enjoyed the 2 rodeos we have been to so far, and I'm sure we'll go to more. Now that we have new boots, we're good to go. And here is a photo montage of the events of last night's rodeo.

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