Saturday, August 11, 2012

Panera Mac & Cheese

I've seen several "Panera mac & cheese copycat" recipes and being as I love Panera m&c, I was intrigued. But a .003 second Google search showed me that, lo and behold, Panera actually put the recipe for the mac and cheese on their website! No copycat recipe needed! Here's the link to their post:

I tried this last night, and it was great! It was evident to me, however, that while the recipe offers a choice between using 2% reduced fat milk or cream, Panera actually uses cream in their recipe. Mine was good, but it was not as creamy and delicious as Panera's. Also, I could just never bring myself to mix 2 1/2 cups of cream with cheese. I guess I'll save that waistline sin for times when I actually drive 90 miles to Oklahoma City and go to Panera. We had it with some leftover pulled pork, BBQ chicken, and sausage, and some roasted okra.

The strange lighting in our kitchen make it look more yellow than it actually was.

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