Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oklahoma Trail Day 1: Pigeon Forge

Tuesday afternoon, we started our trek to the great unknown: Lawton, OK. Because these are TAD orders, we are only allotted to move 600 lbs. We loaded our 2 vehicles with.... 1400 lbs. oops. At least some of it is going to live in Georgia. Without looking back (literally, because our rear view mirrors were blocked), we began the first leg of the trip to Pigeon Forge, TN.

We met up with my family to spend a day at Dollywood. Laugh if you may, but Bachelorette fans know this is where true love blossoms. Or not. After riding all of 2 rides, the rains came so we loaded up on Dolly's fudge and headed for the hotel. Also, a plug for Dolly - they gave us a military discount and a full refund for the rain out. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing Settlers of Catan, per the usual family gathering. One of my aunts and some cousins also came to see us off. This was a rough goodbye, exacerbated by tears from 6-56 year olds. I feel really blessed to have a family to shed tears over. We spent the night in P. Forge before taking on the next leg of the trip across Tennessee.

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