Monday, May 14, 2012


Well I haven't blogged in quite some time! So much has been going on for us here in Stafford. Back in April, I took the National Counselor Exam to be a Nationally Certified Counselor. It was a bear, and I'm anxiously awaiting the 8-week period until I get my results. I have since finished all my coursework for GWU, and I am graduating this weekend! It seems like this year has gone by so fast, and my loved every minute of my internship. I learned so much from this experience, and I loved being a part of people's exploration and discovery. It's really cool to see people learn things about themselves and develop faith in themselves, and I feel really thankful to all of those people for sharing that with me. Being the lover of multi-tasking that I am, I am still working on my M.Ed, and it's getting pretty challenging. There are so many things going on here for us, but I'm hanging in there and getting it done!

We recently found out last week that Luke got artillery for his MOS. We are really thrilled about this, and we are so excited to make our next move and meet people in the community. We'll be heading to Lawton, Oklahoma next - probably some time in July. We'll be there for about 5 months until heading out to a duty station to be named later. So as for now, we're just enjoying our time here in Stafford and hanging out with the amazing friends we've made here before we head in a different direction!

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